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New here! Check it out, what ya reckon?


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Hey everyone..


this is my first post and I am a complete newbie to Logic Pro 9 ( and any other logic to be precise)


I'd had a bit of a play with garage band before that


please, i;d love to hear any help you could give me and any constructive advise is welcome..


please check me out at http://www.youtube.com/trevordavies1


The newest tune is the only one (and the first) on Logic


the rest is garage band..


Many thanks guys and look forward to hearing from you.


Happy new year :o)

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hey dude, thanks for your input..


yeah, as I said i'm still learning and could really do with some studio monitors as it is hard to mix ( especially with my limited knowledge haha! )


I find it difficult to get everything to cut through without it sounding "muddy"


especially the drums..

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