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Problem getting two audio signals from external instrument


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Hi there


I have a problem with an external instrument track connected to my JP-8080. I have created a track and set it up with the External Instrument. I've pointed it at at the midi port (in this case 4) and the audio channels (in this case 5 and 6). I'm hearing the JP-8080 in Logic but when I mute the external instrument track , I can still hear the JP-8080 in Logic. There are no other tracks pointing to it.


It seems as if the original output from the JP-8080 is coming through Logic as well as the output from the external instrument.


Does anyone know why this is? How can I route the audio output of the JP-8080 only through the external instrument track?


I hope someone can help. Many thanks.

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What audiointerface do you have?


could be that its driver includes a cuemixer that routes the input of the interface directly to the main output and to your amp or headphones jack.


it is usual when you want cue without latency..at least a little bit less latency.

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