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Check out this new song? Constructive criticism is welcome!


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Love your sound!! The feel is just so good! What kind of editing did you do in Logic?

Thank you, I appreciate it! I did a lot with the song, the horns and strings are actually instruments on Logic, we couldn't bring horns in the house, would have gotten a bit too loud haha. And I didn't really like the sound we were getting from an actual cello. But theres a couple of layers of each guitar, rhythm and lead. Each has a clean track of some sort, which I recorded DI. I copy/paste the clean track onto a new track, essentially doubling it, but I put distortion on the second one. Then I mic my Line 6 and record the final guitar track that way. Then I have a bunch of fun with the panning.

The heart rate monitor in the beginning is a sample I had to find somewhere on the internet. And while we started recording, I caught our singer singing something from Hair, so I panned it hard left and lowered the volume, I thought it was hilarious haha. Of course I have some sort of EQ on most of the tracks, compression on the vox, all of the editing that you would usually do I probably did. Then I rushed through the mastering, I just EQ'd it, but some sub bass and minimal compression on, and threw it up online as a demo.

I'm glad you liked it!

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