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Sometimes audio files will just disappear when applying fade


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I duplicated a section of comped audio files on a single track and moved them after the original copy on the same track. I apply a fade with the fade tool to the first comped audio file in the first section of files, and the duplicated section of audio files I just created will disappear. I undo it, and they reappear. I try to reapply the fade, and the same thing happens. The fade will never show on the audio file UNTIL the second set of files disappears, and I try to apply the fade again. I try to fade another file and something similar happens to some of the files. Wierd. They just disappear. I took a screencast if anyone is curious to see it.


It doesn't happen every time on every file so I can't produce it on a whim. I know I have had this happen to me many times before but I only just thought to add it here in case someone else got the problem too. Don't know what it is or how to replicate it but I've often worked on a song for a long time and realised alot of files were completely missing because of this bug.

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i have had before problems with the fade tool. many times it will pop and click when Im bouncing down a track, even during playback if it's close to a fade when I play, it's like the fade doesn't have enough time to calculate itself. Right now on a project I just loaded, all the fades on only one track are clicking and playing snippets of other tracks during the fade. pretty annoying
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