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Attention all Digi 003 users!

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Ok , basically on a 003 there is, 8 inputs and 8 analog outputs.


Should not each of these inputs correspond to their outputs? ie




4-4 etc


On my 003 I plug a mic into input 1 and output 1 goes to an amp. I hear my voice.Cool.

Then I go mic input 2 output 2 to the amp again I hear my voice.


When I do 3 and 4, no signal.


When I run a mic through a preamp and repeat the previous steps with 5 , 6 ,7 ,8 still no signal.


So 1 and 2 outputs are the only ones that work, but there is a twist, if I have a mic going into input 3 or 4 and out of either output 1 and 2 I can still monitor it.

It's like there is heaps of cross wiring or something going on in there.


Its drivin' me bonkers.


Am i missing something or is my 003 in need of repair?



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