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Recording Guitar and Vocal at the same time problem


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Sorry I'm a noob


I had problems recording two inputs in the same time

My Logic "can't" use two inputs into different tracks


I'm using a Macbook Pro,

I have a USB Microphone and a 1/4-inch-to-USB Cable for my acoustic guitar, I want to record them into different track in the SAME TIME

I thought it could allow me to set up different input in different track

(like the guitar input on Track 1, Vocal input on Track 2, then record it together a the same time)



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Hello rr1014, and welcome to Logic Pro Help.


Please do follow buzzwah's advice. Also please detail WHAT does not work: can you not record enable both tracks? Or can you but then can you not press the record button? Or can you but then do you not see two audio regions being drawn onto the tracks? Or can you but do they not show a waveform after you press stop? Or do they but..


See what I mean? Just "it won't work" is not enough information for us to be able to help you.



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