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apple loops jingles preview playback in 5.1 surround


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hi there,


im on logic 9. im in the post audio industry.

how come many of the jingles on apple loop have been converted to 5.1? before, they all use to be in stereo. this has cost me alot of inconvenience as i have to drag them into the arrange page (convert to stereo mode) just to listen to them!


this is taking up a lot of wasted time!


my job requires me to work fast cause time is a factor.

Im really dissapointed with logics update. They dont do a proper research before implementing their new look and features.


If they were to add new fresh jingles in 5.1 format, that is more acceptble.

Many of the old jingles have been converted to 5.1.

Not everyone has a 5.1 system!

Well gutted!


Im doubting they is no solution to this? is there ? anyone?

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