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Play head issue delay, Logic pro 9


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Hi, I am having a play head delay when I press play sometimes, (well most of the time). It is really driving me crazy. It sticks for about a second about every 5 times I press play.

I have a mac pro, 12 gigs of ram, 3 tier hard drives and plenty of memory. I have all the latests updates on all my software and have contacted apple and they said that it was a region issue, that I had not consolidated my regions on the screen. It happens when there are no regions on the screen too.....

I have adjusted the i/o settings to every one and it still is happening.

It did not ever do this and I think that it was an update that I had added through software updates.

Please if anyone knows how to fix, what is going on, or knows the steps to correct this problem, please let me know... LT

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