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Re use a Project


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how do... what i want to be able to do is save an old project to a new one with only the file's currently used in the arrange window at the point of saving.


So i could go into an old project - clean it up, delete all the irrelevant audio file's etc and then save it as a new project to a new folder and stuff.


So it'd be like starting a new track with a booster seat or whatever....


I seem to remember it being do-able but i can't really remember how it was meant to be done.

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ace.. cheers for that


You're welcome!


so does it completely copy the files, ?


Yes, if you check include assets and select the appropriate assets then you are duplicating the Audio files. I just did a test on one of my projects. I did Save As and included assets. In the new project I deleted the Audio files from the bin and the HD. The original project still has the original Audio files.


Of course, any time you do a test as I just did, make sure you have a Time Machine or other backup in case the test turns out different than you expected. :wink:

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