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can main stage play video


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hi folks this my first post here so I'm something of a newbie


Here's what I want to do. I'm creating backing tracks in logic then importing bounces into mainstage for live gigs. I have created channel strips at concert level for vocals and guitar which are are played live and i then create a patch for each song with 3 playback channels, I for bass , one for keys and one for drums. This way I can use my controller to adjust the mix of the three playbacks on the night


This is all working fine so far but I'm ambitious! I want to also to create and play videos with each song patch in the same way I'm playingthe backing tracks . Is there way of doing this in main stage or do I need to use logic? If the latter how do I control both logic and main stage at the same time.


I'm a bit nervous about using both programs live if that's the case as I've had a few performance issues already - I'll post another about those issues seperately



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