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Batch converting multiple files at the same time.

rupert winter

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Is there a way Logic 9 can batch convert and export multiple audio files as individual mp3s with different names from the same track? At present from what I can gather, files need to be moved to their own tracks, bounced in place for automation or processing, (then either solo'd or muting all other tracks) before exporting all the files as separate files.


The situation I'm dealling with here is having to edit multiple news bites for speech for delivery as quickly as possible.


For people who are familiar with SADIE software this is a process that takes place all at once if you have the mp3 plugin installed. Files can be edited then named as separate files and left on one track. Then through one process they are bounced as separately labelled mp3 files that can be sent immediately out for broadcast.


Any ideas about how to avoid having to do repetitive bounce in places would be great?



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You're a little vague as to what the extent of processing is.


Do you have plugins and/or Automation only on the source track(s) ?

Then you can BIP and rename the resulting files.


Do you have plugins and/or Automation on the Stereo Out ?

Then you need to Bounce that Stereo Out and drag the resulting files to a fresh track for ease and completeness.


After naming the files, you select them all in the Audio Bin and Copy/Convert... to mp3


In a different approach, you can Bounce the Stereo Out for the entire length, Strip Silence the resulting long file, Name the resulting Regions and, with all those Regions selected, Convert To Individual Audio Files, and then select them all in the Audio Bin and Copy/Convert... to mp3



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Hi Christian,

Thanks for your reply.


In terms of processing, there is very little going on as it is just speech, channel eq a touch of compression all taking place on the one channel strip to reduce the need for excessive amounts of automation. I don't put anything on the stereo output other then the odd meter plugin for checking broadcast levels.


Naturally In the resulting bounce in place, this gives me one big file on the new track. I would prefer to have multiple files on the new track reflecting all the names and lengths of each sound bite i've edited rather then having to go and re-cut then re-label all of them in the audio bin - then convert and export.


At present once I've edited soundbites, I put them on their own track, muted the others and exported each individually much like you would with separate music stems. But this takes a long time - especially as some tracks may only be a matter of a few seconds long. That is why I've hesitated doing strip silences on the whole bounce in place file, where natural pauses in speech or breaths might sound too abrupt or gated if cut out completely.


Does that make things clearer or more confusing?




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Thanks Christian,


I will give more time to experimenting with the threshold of strip silence to allow for ambience to get through. As long as i leave sufficiently long gaps between edits that should give me less room for errors. Also I forgot about converting regions to separate audio files outside of the sample editor.


Many thanks


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