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Sennheiser headphones

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I have a pair of HD555s, which aren't quite at the same level, but I still love them to bits. It's true that for high end headphones (and the 650s are certainly that) you need a proper headphone amp to get the very best out of them. However, the difference it makes is often over exaggerated by audiophiles like the ones at head-fi.org.


I get on very well without a proper headphone amp, my phones still sound gorgeous even when plugged into an iPod. And yes, I do use them with my Duet and they sound great. I know it's regarded as a cardinal sin, but I regularly produce on them, both because I can often pick out details on them that my (admittedly mediocre) monitors don't show, and when I don't want to disturb other people in the house.


Always reference with some proper monitors, however, especially for determining stereo position. Plus when I mix on my cans, I always make the mix way too dry - they really bring out reverbs!

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Exactly what do you think the relationship is between headphones and audio interface? E.G. Why would the Sennheisers should good with a Presonus interface but not an Apogee interface? :? :? :?

Headphone amps sound different, and the impedance change has an effect on the sound.


Just copy+pasted this link from Google, I haven't fact checked it, but it deals with the subject:


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