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Need help producing minimal techno


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Start very simple. Add stuff slowly. Make sure there's a bit of funky stuff in there. Nothing too fancy now, drums, bass, some funky stuff, wide open spaces and lots of repetition.


Ok, I'm just talking through my hat here, I didn't have a clue what you meant by "minimal techno" so I looked it up on Wikipedia. And then listened to some Daniel Bell. But I guess you've done all that too....


So. What do you need to know? :)


Is there a certain drum sound that you want? Have you checked out Ultrabeat?


In your position, I'd start fooling around with a bunch of sounds in Logic until I found some I liked and that worked with this style. But if you really want us to help you, maybe you could be just a wee bit more specific about what you want to know, like "how can I get the bass sound that Robert Hood uses on tune "x"?.

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If I want to make Minimal techno would I just be using the Ultrabeat and splitting up many of the different sounds. The rhythm seems to be more in the drums. Can anyone give me an example?


Not if you can't give us an example of what you're talking about… You need to be more specific about what it is you want to do, unless we have mind readers on this site that I don't know about…

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something like this





i am sorry I could not be more specific


The thing we'd like to know is where are you at with creating beats? Cause this genre is all about beats with some other bits layered gradually into the beat.


Ultrabeat may be too complex for you right now, and I mean no disrespect when I say that. It's just that it's kind of hard to give you advice when it sounds like you're saying "could someone here do an in depth analysis of Minimal Techno and show me how to build up that kind of beat from scratch and what other kind of sounds go with those beats and how do you do that?"


In other words, we can't tell if you are an absolute raw beginner with all things Logic and don't even know how to use the Matrix or if you've done some fooling around with it or if you are in fact an ace programmer of huge beats.


One thing you could do is just open one of the techno kits in the EXS sampler and try stuff there and see how far you get. That's a much simpler instrument than Ultra beat and you can still get some stuff going with that.


It's also possible, with EXS, to load individual drum sounds, so that way, you can have separate tracks for each sound.


But again, your question really makes it sound like maybe you are a raw beginner and should be asking things like "how do I load just one Kick into EXS?". Or, "How do I get the fast swing feel I hear on this piece. Can quantizing do that?"


Nothing the matter with being a beginner, but you've got to get your hands dirty and try something, anything, so that you can ask more specific questions about what you're ultimately trying to do.


So, start with the kick. Add a snare. Add some high hats. Then compare what you've done with the Robert Hood track. Maybe throw a short funky keyboard loop on top of that. Maybe just try making a tune using only the pre-rolled loops available in the loop browser.

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There are some trademarks of minimal that can easily be done in logic.

If you are totally new to it and want some quick results I suggest working with loops.Check the loops in FM (the magazine) for starters. Logic 9 is especially well adapted to this. Introduce rythmical changes to the loops with delays and tremolos. Just see how you can change what is already there. Minimal is often relying on effects building the track rather then the melody changing or new sounds introduced. Automate reverb and delay sends, then suddenly mute the auxes. The EsP synth is easily used for the oh so common white noise bursts.

Many times minimal tracks have that chasing triplet synth stab thing going witch is usually done in ableton, but can be recreated by a temporary change of the time signature to 12 or 24 instead of the regular 16. quantize your synth lines to this then go back to 16. And dont get stuck if you feel that the track is not what you expected it to be. Just let it become whatever it becomes and as you keep at it yours music will get better.

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as you write about similar gender would be great if you could help me with couple (2) things in producing of similar sounds:


1. very common in so called 'minimal techo' tracks are sounds which sound like 'dry vinyl scratch' sound. You can hear it in example below from 30 second of track. It sounds like disorted sound but still warm.


I have tried to create it from sine wave in UltraBeat but with no success yet. Maybe i am going into bad way of doing this. I thought it would be easiest to create several frequencies of noised/disorted sine wave in ultrabeat and sample them then in a baseline.

But maybe will be easier to do this with some subbass/lfo sound disortion or noise layering and modified decay?



2. bass kick - as you can notice in above example it is very fast and deep kick. I've tried to layer a lot of different kick samples with compressors and eq's but with no success. The kick which I often receive sounds to hard for me (lack of softnes in the kick only strong high frequency kick or bottom of the cick is warm but not soft)


Here is another example with clean edit of this bass kick and better quality.

Again maybe it should be layered with some sine wave which is in its form very smooth to add extra kick in top and take some 808 soft bottom kick?.



Sorry for language if its not 'apropriate' to what i'am trying to describe but i've just started to learn.



Thanks for your help,


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