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Cycle Marker Toggling-trigger one 2 play after current 'lap'


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Hello! I am new to this forum, though have been a Logic user for quite some time.


I am programming the pads of an akai lpd8 so that each one will represent jumping to a different marker in a project. I want easy access to different song sections as a song-writing tool.


Is there a way that I can trigger marker after marker, and have the newly selected marker play only after finishing the current cycle section ('lap' )of the marker I have currently selected? This would make the Logic environment sort of a performance tool, allowing me to preemptively select the next desired marker section, instead of having to have my timing down to avoid an abrupt.


In other words, lets say I have one marker section playing a looped drum beat with 4 measures. At a certain point of it looping, i know that I don't want it to repeat again--instead I want the organ riff to come up next. I would love to be able to slap another trigger to queue up the next marker cycle instead of have it immediately jump to the beginning of the new marker. With this setup, logic would be more of a performance tool, although I want it as a creative aid.


This would kind of create the kind of hardware sequencing you'd find on a home keyboard.


Am I being clear with what I am looking to do? Is there a way to select this type of cycle/marker playback?


I appreciate all feedback.



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