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Event information pop-up when editing? [SOLVED]


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I am working with Logic Pro 9 at home and at film school. On my logic pro 9 at home (and this was the same when I was working with logic pro 8), when I click on a region to forinstance, using the velocity tool, or copying a region etc, I get an automatic tiny event window as I make each move. (It comes up as a small pale yellow window with some event information relevant to what I am doing.

This is very useful to me and saves me having to manually chose an event float.


But on the Logic Pro 9 at school, these event windows do not appear and I cannot find out what setting is different on my home logic to the school one.

And my teacher and fellow students do not have the setting that I have at home that makes this happen, so are also unaware of its existance!!


Does anyone know what i'm referring to, and how to set it up.


Many thanks

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