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How can I change the mute button settings?

Luke Mandala

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In Logic 8 I was able to use the mute button in the arrange window but be able to automate the mute button for the same channel strip in the 'Inspector' to the left of the arrange window. If I automated that mute button in the inspector then that automation wouldn't control the mute button in the arrange window, but now it does since I started using logic 9. I would like it to be the way it was with logic 8 but can't figure out where in the preferences or the song settings I can do that..


For example I have the Ultrabeat set up with the different voices in the Ultrabeat going out to different aux channels so I can effect the different voices seperatly so I have a number of the same channel strips set up for that same Ultrabeat so I can lay down different regions for the different channels in the arrange window. Whenever I push much for one of the ultrabeat channels it mute's them all, I don't want to do that though.. is there a way to go back to how it used to be with logic 8? It would take WAY longer to have to mute the regions individually.




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