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Good book on synthesis recommendation?

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Hi All,


Does anyone know of a good book on synthesis with examples that can be translated to Logic's synths fairly easily. I sreached Amazon and there's a lot of books out there - just wondering if anyone has bought a book on synthesizers and been able to translate examples to Logic synths easily?


Many Thanks,



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For me, if you've grasped the basics, the soundonsound synth secrets series was a real eye opener. And it's free online! I understand if you'd prefer a paper reference though.


(Plus, to be cheeky, I have some comprehensive synthesis vids on the ES2 out, check my sig).

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HI Guys,


As an update:


I bought : Welsh's Synthesizer Cookbook by Fred Welsh - Thanks jnorman

Downloaded Logic 206 - ES2 Exposed from macprovideo.com

Downloaded A/V Fundamentals 201: Analog synthesis in a digital world

Linked to the SOS website - Thanks Scott


...some cool resources, I must admit I'm surprised at the macprovideo.com vids they are pretty good.


Thanks all, my synthesizer skills are improving...

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