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Different ES2 Digiwaves all make the same tone [SOLVED]


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I'm running Logic Pro 9.0.0 on my Macbook. I have a 2.26 GHz processor and 2 GB Memory. I am running Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.6.


The problem I am having is that when I am using the ES2 plug-in and I try to use the Digiwaves in Oscillator 2 to create different sounds, the sounds do not change. For example the 68th Digiwave sound "Orgn4" sounds no different than the 18th Digiwave sound "Cold1". I've tried messing with all the settings but nothing seems to be working.


I've been following tutorials on youtube for an answer and have done exactly as they have, but still none of the Digiwave sounds work.



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Digiwaves 18 and 68 should sound completely different, but you're probably starting in a preset that has tons of effects and/or modulations etc... To truly hear digiwaves naked, without modulation, try starting from a complete reset ES2 patch: ES2 Complete Reset.


Or manually bypass each modulation routing (with the little b/p button at the top right of each routing), set the Vector Mode to off (To the right of the modulation routing matrix), turn off the filter, turn off Osc 2 & 3 and listen to the digiwaves on Osc 1.

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