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Keyboard shortcuts turn off


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I occasionally have the problem where keyboard shortcuts just won't work. I think I'm accidentally hitting something that suspends commands, but 'p' doesn't pull up piano roll, 'n' doesn't pull up the score editor, etc. I just restart logic and it's fine, but I'd rather not have to do that! Thanks
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I am having this same problem right now. It has never happened to me before but It now happens after I use "audio to score" and the score window pops up. Driving me nuts having to restart logic like crazy. Even "select all" and "save don't work, although the file drop down does like a quicker than normal flash, yikes! any one have any thoughts?
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thanks for the quick reply david! totally not a key focus issue I can still tab between say my arrange window and piano roll pop up or whatever I want but shortcuts just stop working all together after using audio to score.


i.e. tab to piano roll pop-up and see the silver bar get focus... apple a...nothing. tab to arrange window - see silver bar above arrange get focus...apple a...nothing. just one example.


even stranger I am now noticing that I cant even select another screenset from the dropdown menu.


another restart...

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thanks! Just restarted the whole computer to no avail.


just wet through it again, here are my steps:


shortcuts all working

arrange window is only window open, screenset not locked

select audio file and press w for editor pop up

press control a for audio to score

select correct midi track in arrange section

click process

at this point the midi file is created just fine and pop up window changes to the score and all the fun is over.

Bingo! No Shortcuts (and can't change screensets with drop down menu)


EDIT: Now, I am using the same exact process but the score opens in a floating window (which I close) and this does not cause the problem. This is what happened the first time I used audio to score today and I don't think the problem started happening until the score would open in the "pop-up" window but I believe I am using the exact same steps each time so I am not sure how logic is deciding in what window the score editor will open.


SOLVED: Okay...so, If before clicking "process" in the audio to score dialogue, you move the focus out of the audio editor in the pop up window to the arrange window (i.e. you didn't select the track you want the midi to go to before selecting the audio file to analyze) THEN... the score editor will open in the pop-up window and logic 9.1.1 is screwed! you will need to quit your project to regain normal operation.

To avoid this just make sure that the focus is in the audio editor in the pop up window when clicking process and logic will open the score editor in a floating window that you can close and logic will still work properly. phew!!

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