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Audio and MIDI tracks are clipping


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Hey everyone,


I'm trying to record a vocal track into Logic 9 and in the process noticed something wrong. I don't have a mic and use a Audio Kontrol 1 interface as my sound card. I wanted to use the mic input in the computer to record my voice. I basically ran through the set up of making sure my sample rate was right, ensuring Software Monitoring was enabled, editing a bus and input within I/O labels for vocals and reverb, and added the actual audio track. Once I attempted to record my voice, I noticed that all my tracks were clipping on the mixing board. The actual volume sounds normal but all the tracks are visibly clipping. I thought it was exclusively within the project I was working on, but I opened another and all tracks were clipping as well (Pic below). I am trying to figure out what setting or mishap I did to make this happen. Any help would be great. Thanks



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