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logic 64 bit automation control


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Hi... i've been using logic in 64 bit since i upgraded but there's some thing's that really annoy me...


I use Massive as my main synth and it has to run on the 32 Bit Audio unit bridge


For some reason it can often be a bit funny with automation - Touch mode won't register most of the time making me have to edit it manually with the pencil.


Also - i can't seem to assign controller's to it as the Control learn thing ( cmd L ) vanishes as soon as i click on the 32 bit bridge to use massive....


Im thinking about just going back to 32 bit, which is annoying as it defeats the point in having the ram....


Does any one use massive and know anything more on this, ?


Otherwise - if i go back to 32 bit will it in anyway affect the project's that i've set up in 64 bit, ?



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Logic also crashes when changing channel strips -


If i use the command - SHIFT {


to change channel strip, logic will crash around about the 3rd channel i do this on.


Is this because it's having to load the 32 bit bridge each time, ?


its a right pain



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OK- changed logic into 32 bit mode, a couple of error message's came up ;


1 - Fade Update failed ( Error - 36 )


2 - I / O Error Result code = - 36


dunno what they meant, but the track's works or whatever... BUT


Now i've had to back up all the channel strip's that are using massive, as all the modulation's reset themselves when i quit the track.


I don't know which programme is going wrong, if anyone can shed some light thatd be ace

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If you really need a stable system, i wouldn't be using 64 bit right now. stick with 32 bit. If you need access to all of your ram, you have several options. For kontakt, 3.5+ use the memory server. Same for omnisphere. If you still need more ram after this for plugins like massive, you can run them in another application like bidule (with rewire), or vienna ensemble pro (with their rewire-like midi/audio routing. Or you could run massive as a standalone on your mac and channel the audio back into your project via jack os x or soundflower.


If you are adventurous, you could also look into max msp as a host for massive VST version. msp has an ad_rewire driver, hostsync~ and hostcontrol~ objects.

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cheers for the reply... the fade file's don't seem to be too much of an issue - everything that need's to fade seem's to be fading so if it's not broke...



i'm not using kontakt (although it's something im definitely hoping to be at somepoint... ) The only 3rd party synth that i use is massive.


I don't think ( at this stage) the ram is an issue - although ill have a look at those thing's you said, if they run smoothly then they could definitely be worth while.


My problem at the moment is that the channel strips keep forgetting what they are doing, all the channel's running massive come up as ' untitled sound ' when i re-open the project... and all the mod routing's are$&@+%.


So - i have a folder in the channel strip setting's with the track name and back up's for all the tracks, meaning i have to click a different setting then click to the back up of that channel strip 13 times, every time i open up the song project


It's making mixing down the current track im working on such a pain and a right chore. As i keep forgetting what i'm meant to be doing as i have to spend so much of the time changing channel strips about.


Any thought's on this, ? i dont know if you've encountered anything similar your end



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