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Strange Panning Issue during Offline Bounce.

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I was hoping maybe someone could assist me with a really annoying problem that I cant seem to figure out when bouncing my mixes in Logic Pro 9. I mainly work with MIDI and sample libraries. I searched through the forums as well as other sources but can't seem to find the answer.


For example - When I have one of my string libraries where the instruments are already pre-panned during the sample recording(Cellos seated to the right of center), the panning goes to the exact opposite side when bouncing(the cellos go to the left vs. the right in the bounced mix). This happens with all of my tracks - Horns go the left when they should be to the right rear, etc.


I have tried many different options - using mono tracks vs. stereo tracks, using the directional mixer on the stereo tracks, realtime vs. offline bouncing..


Sorry if this is a stupid question but this is driving me insane!!






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