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What can typically cause latency between instruments n Aux's

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A signal is taking longer to go through one aux channel than another. Por que?


I have a project rolling with a decent amount of instrument, audio, and aux tracks. This includes a multi-output instance of ultrabeat, several logic synth instrument tracks, and a few bus tracks. Not logic bus mixer tracks, but aux tracks with bus# inputs for a few groups of tracks. Relevant to this scenario, is that all six of my ultrabeat sub-tracks output to the same bus #, bus 7 lets say. Theres an aux strip with bus 7 as the input, which has a few plugins, and the output set to 1-2 (my main output).


My drum tracks weren't pushing the way I wanted them to, and experimenting I first sent my kick track (ub 3-4 input, bus 7 output) to an additional bus # through a send channel. Logic makes an aux for it, and I notice at this point that my drums have about a 40ms delay on them, with the new aux outputing the kick before it gets through my drum bus track. (no wonder It wasn't sounding punchy enuff)


If I solo the kick track and change its output to 1-2, and solo the new aux track, they sync up just fine. But if I send the kick, or any of the tracks through bus 7 it gets delayed. I bypassed all the plugins directly on the related tracks, and still get the same problem. Its taking the same signal longer to go to bus 7 then out, than to go through any other bus and out, with no plugs applied.


Any advice what to troubleshoot. I'm sure I'm making some rookie mistake here, but I dunno where to start.


(disclaimer: yes I am just routing my drums to a different bus, and it seems to be working fine. I just need to know what causes this so I can avoid it. And the synth parts so far mostly glide from note to note, with the punctuation being dictated by sidechain compression from the kick, so thats why I didn't notice sooner that my drums were off.)

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