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Rests not being removed in Score Editor


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Thanks; that's it! I had two Regions. The rests must have been showing 'through' from the Region I was not editing. Silly me. Sorry :-(


As I say, I'm still exploring: may I prevail…


Am I right in observing that in order to get - say - three groups of two joined eighth notes in a 3/4 measure, I can do it - but only by very precise control of the mouse, weaving my way between and next to the other notes and ever-changing rests which Logic updates?

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Thanks; Yes, I have them open simultaneously.


You're saying it's actually quicker just to slide the notes I want to change horizontally shorter or longer in the Piano Roll than to (try to) change their values in the Score Editor, aren't you?

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˚ Is there an easy way to alter note lengths in the Score Editor - instead of deleting and dragging a new note in… half to quarter, say?


hi Mark, I absolutely recommend for this that you become familiar with the follow

key commands:


1 - Nudge Region/Event Length Right by SMPTE Frame

2 - Nudge Region/Event Length Left by SMPTE Frame


These commands are the best IMO for shrinking or lengthening a note quickly and visibly in the Piano Roll or in the Score Editor ( though in the Piano Roll you can verify exactly where they lie in relation to the beat.


- Set these two key commands on a single key each ( they are used so often it is best not to use any modifiers)


- in the Score Editor make sure that you turn Interpretation to Off then make sure you are working in a uniform Staff Style and Key Signature

this means that what you see is exactly what you get in the Score Editor ( as opposed to uneven note lengths being displayed in a rounded up way.If you are inputting notes by dragging them in then this is less critical than if you are playing them in live - which is what I tend to do most of the time).


- Set the Transport division to quarter notes and the the subdivision that is your basic denominator. 12/8 ... 6/8 ... 4/4 whatever you like


- have one Screenset for Arrange, another for the Score Editor, and another for the Piano Roll so that you can easily switch between the two

Make sure that the correct links are on so that when you select a note in the Score Editor you can easily check it out in the Piano Roll


~ Also make sure that in the Piano Roll, you set a basic Quantize division that is working with the beat subdivision of the whole piece as set in the Transport bar






PS I just looked again at Bar 2 of your Screen shot in the original question. It looks like the G has been played in and the Interpretation Staff Style switched to too fine a division. You can check out the position of the note in the Piano Roll and use Quantise to get the note starting right on beat one of that bar. You may not need to use note lengthening necessarily

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Sometimes it's good to edit lengths visually, with the mouse as well. In such cases I recommend that you enable duration bars- for selected notes. Then you'll get a combined score and bar look, which is very useful.


You can use a key command to hide /show the duration bars, and Logic will remember which duration bar mode you used (selected notes/all notes).


Even if you always edit note lengths with a key command, the duration bars give you a more accurate feedback of the note lengths that the notation itself.


Having said that, it would of course be great to have a way to just - when a note is selected - click eg. 4 for quarter notes and have the note length changed to that value.


You can also nudge note lengths by other values, eg 'division', which will change note length according to the value you have set in the transport panel (usually 1/16).

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