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AT2020 USB mic's picking up sounds from everywhere LogicEx 9

capt jack

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Hi guys,

I have AudioTechnica AT2020 USB mic. It was working fine until now.

When I push record, the mic becomes too sensitive and picks every little thing. Even the noise outside of the room

Here's my checklist: 1. Checked Audio Midi Setup 2. Checked System Preference 3. Checked Logic Express 9 Audio Preference.

Everything is setup for AT2020 USB Mic.

Need help please to get it back to normal recording.


Here's what I did as far as troubleshooting:

I replugged the mic in several times...

I tried everything that I could but same issue.

1. I reinstalled Logic

2. I selected the AT2020 USB mic in system preference

3. I opened Logic and selected AT2020 USB in its preference

4. I even checked the Audio MIDI Setup in Utilities.

EVERYTHING points to AT2020 USB.


But it's still to sensitive...


when I launch Logic the message was prompted and it says:


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Thanks Christian for the reply,

I just attached the error message.


Read the error message! It's telling you what the problem is. The built in audio inputs are being used instead of the mic. Somehow the mic is not being recognized. You're hearing the computer's built-in mic, not the 2020.

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The AT2020 mic shows being selected in

Audio MIDI Setup,

System Preference,

and Logic Express.

And I have not been able to figure out why it's showing selected in all those areas and still using built-in audio.

What else can I do to troubleshoot?

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