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4gb RAM and Logic is crackling and popping [SOLVED]


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I've been mixing down a lot of tunes recently and haven't recorded anything for a while. When i'm mixing down I always set the buffer to 1024 (just a habit). Now that i'm trying to record i've tried lowering the buffer size but it cracks and pops at anything that isn't 1024. I upgraded to Logic 9 about 2 months ago and this is the first recording i've tried doing since then. I have 4gig ram so this shouldn't be a problem should it? Is it possible the computer is not allocating Logic enough RAM?




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go to the emu website and there is a box that says "Mac OS X Snow Leopard - Beta Drivers Now Available" click on that and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the product you need a driver for under DOWNLOADS. It should take you to this page




If you have the same hardware and OS as me (emu 0404 USB and snow leopard) then you need to download


E-MU USD Audio Macintosh OSX Snow Leopard Beta Driver - June 2010 (0202 USB, 0404 USB, Tracker Pre)


hopefully here is a link for it




Hope this helps Inertia

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