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Inserting start stop points on the time line..


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I have .wav our backing tracks (15 of them) and put them in one track in a new project. I can now alter the tempo for the metronome to suit each individual track, thanks for that guys. Although for some reason Logic won't let me assign the metronome to outputs 3-4 so if anyone can help on that as well that would be reat.., I now need to create start stop points on the timeline to be activated by the space bar. Obviously at the moment if you hit the space bar once it returns to Bar 1 and stops at the end of the green timeline. Now I want to end the timeline tracking at the end of song one by hitting the spacebar. Then I want to be be able to hit the space bar again to jump the tracker arrow to the next song in line and play until that ends. Then I can hit the space bar again to stop the tracker arrow. Hit it again it jumps onto the next song in the line etc etc..

I have tried to find tutorial on this but seem to be struggling...probably as I have the terminology wrong..can someone help in as simple English as possible.


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Thanks for the info..That is how I would normally change it but it was only highlighting 1-2...I moved the tracks etc to a new project using an existing template which is working fine...maybe a glitch in that project or I have set something up wrong along the way..


Still interested to know how to make multiple start/stop points on the time line though If anyone can help

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This is easy to accomplish.


The inst. track in my pic is empty (no instrument) just has a couple regions to play Meta data.


1) Don't enable the loop (you said play to the end and stop - right?)

2) Select your songs and create markers from the regions.

3) Make the dummy region on an even bar line, put the playhead on that bar line. In the event list create a Meta event 52 (stop) and a Meta event 51 (goto Marker). Make sure they share the same position #. The value of 51 is the marker # of the next song.

4) Now when you copy that region you don't have to worry about positions, put it where you want (see I have some silence), just change the marker # value to tell it where to jump to. You can also stretch the front edge of the markers to create space at the beginning of the next song.

5) If you don't have any regions selected, and no loop activated, hitting space will start it, and the meta stuff stops and jumps it.


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