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Logic 9.1.3 - Naitve Instrument's massive


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hey, cool. It's definitely an awesome synth, but im having some related trouble's and was wondering if any of you had anything similar -


* When running under the 32 bit bridge converter i am un-able to assign a controller to a parameter of massive using the ' CMD L ' function in logic


* When running 32 bit bridge touch automation is sketchy / doesn't pick up what im doing half the time


* When running 32 bit bridge logic will crash if i try to change between my massive channel preset's too quickly


* Channel strips with massive will forget there modulation routing's and polyphony setting's - meaning i have to back them all up and change them every time i open the project


The last problem is particularly frustrating and has more or less ruined the current project i'm working on. I put a lot of time into it so it's absolutely killing me.


if anyone's experienced any of these, anything similar or has any idea about them it'd be great to hear your thoughts... it can be a big massive therapy session...



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