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Plugins and audio tracks appear as "Macintosh HD"


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Hi all, have been having a very strange problem for a while now that seems to be getting worse.


Occasionally, if I load up the "Reassign track" menu, my options will all be labelled as "Macintosh HD", the name of my native drive.


For example, If I have 2 audio tracks open and I want to assign the 2nd track in the arrange window to be Audio 1, when I open the "Reassign track" menu by right-clicking, instead of the typical route being " Mixer > Audio > Audio 1", my options are listed as "Macintosh HD > Macintosh HD > Macintosh HD".


Obviously, this is very confusing, especially if I have 10+ audio tracks, each one called "Macintosh HD". If I exit the menu, it's totally random when I go back in whether the correct names appear or the same drive name turns up. Sometimes every menu consists of just "Macintosh HD"s, sometime just one or two. It's really weird.


The same problem happens with the plugin drop down menus, both for active and 3rd-party options. It's a nightmare as it makes it impossible to identify the correct option!


I've attached a couple pictures just to clarify exactly what I mean. Would love to know whether anyone has any idea what might be causing this.


The plugin drop down is also affected. Sometimes just the first native list, sometimes my 3rd-party AU's as well.


Some fields occasionally appear with "Macintosh HD" in Reassign Track menu.

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