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Copy automation between tracks, Unused parameters? [SOLVED]


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Hi ya,


Another peculiarity I'm struggling with in Logic 9 is copying track automation between different channels (or e.g. between different sends on the same channel).


Every time I alt-select an entire automation time line and copy it to clipboard, on the next track it either pastes the automation in the slot of the first available send or it pastes it to an "Unused Parameter" with a random number.


Is there an easy way to copy any automation curve you want between any two parameters on the arrange/automation screen? As it is now I keep multiplying each track to have just one send each to paste properly.



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If you paste a parameter to a channel strip that doesn't have a send on that specific send slot, or a plug-in on that specific insert, it will give you an "unused" parameter (since it is, in fact, unused, so that makes sense). What I mean is that if you automate the cutoff of an EQ inserted on insert #3 on one channel strip to another channel strip that doesn't have an EQ inserted on insert #3, you will get the parameter # and the word "unused".


What you can do is then convert that automation to any other parameter of any plug-in on any other insert # on that channel strip: in the Arranage area, make sure to turn on Automation view, then on the track header, click on the automation parameter menu, then press and hold down the Command key as you select the destination parameter. You'll get a pop-up with a few choices, choose "Convert".

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