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Bassline Clicks/Pops (Sample Available)


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Hi guys I'm new to the forum. Been a producer on Logic for quite a few months. I've got this huge problem I'm dealing with!


First off everything sounds normal, if I click play and listen, sounds smooth.


Problem is only with basslines, I solo it, and click around where the region of bass is drawn and it pops really bad. I let it go, sounds normal, click it again, than POPS.


This happens inside Logic Pro 8.0 and also if I record it on Audio Hijack, problem persists.


Could this be why mastering exists, or is this abnormal?





*Only Basslines do this

*Tried using compressors, Limiters, EQs, Reverbs, Filters, ETC.

*Tried Mastering Programs (Izotope Alloy, Izotope Ozone, Izotope Rx)

*Using Rob Papen Blue

*Have tried switching Plugins but problem persists.







If an audio sample of the problem is needed, I can certainly upload it. Thanks.

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That's definitely not normal. What instrument(s) are you using for those bass lines?


Thanks for your response David, I feel a bit of support now. And I am using a plug in called Rob Papen Blue. I have switched from plug in to plug in and problem persits.


And its not the plug in because I tried it with the native instruments like ES1 and ESM and still the problem persits.


NOTE: I once dropped my laptop on a concrete floor which sounded pretty bad and one of the fans I think got messed up, because it shows it in the hardware test.


Could dropping it have been a factor? I did kinda start having stability problems with logic after that, like random audio drop outs


So maybe i need to get it repaired, I hope to hear some opinions. Thanks.

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I ran into the same problem this week, just using one of the logic standup basses.. I noticed it cracking like that, thought it was my headphones, but when I tested it on other speakers it was still there..


Funny thing is.. throughout the whole song everything is fine, but I went out on a bass note and thats when it crackles, so maybe it's more than a dropped laptop?

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