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stereo outputs. Can i remove them?


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I'm new to Logic, but I love it. I'm using Logic Pro 9.00 now and everything went fine until this happened:

I have a yamaha LS9 with a M-Audio Profire Lightbridge, recording 32 adat channels and sending them back into the mixer to do virtual soundchecks or to mix directly on the mixer. I can record the 32 tracks really well, but when I send them back, the first two channels don't go. Their outputs are called as "part of stereo output". I assigned outputs 33-34 as stereo outs, but no lucky. Can anyone help me to finish stereo output or at least assign another out to it. I removed it but the outputs were still assinged to it.

The print screen I posted below shows the I/O Assignments window. You can see I chose outputs 33-34 as stereo ones, unchecked the mirroring box, but the outputs 1-2 are still marked as Stereo Outputs. I want to mark as Stereo Outputs other outs.


That's the I/O Assignments

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