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Delay in Recording


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Whenever I record vocals or guitar, with my microphone, the first time i try it.... it'll sync up with the metronome/ rest of the music just fine... but after that first time.... say if i messed up and i wanted to do a second take..... for some reason it's delayed.


I tried low latency mode with 0 ms latency,

everything is recording without out effects


but it's still coming out super late, and I'm tired of having to sit there and move the audio region back and forth until it matches up right...


I used to be able to just record over it, and it would sync up just fine...


What am i doing differently?

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Hello Miss Law,


We'll need a bit more info to help. Please add your Logic version and system info to your signature: Read Me Before Posting - Forum Guidelines (#5)


Also, when you say your new recording is delayed - do you mean you hear it delayed as you're recording? Delayed compared to what you're playing in real time? Or do you mean once you're playing it back, the audio is delayed compared to the previous recording?


Also make sure your recording delay is set to zero under Preferences > Audio.

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Whoops Sorry :( it should be in there now


And i mean that when I play it back, it's delayed compared to the previous recording


Delay is set to 0 under preferences... but it does say resulting roundtrip latency 15.4 ms, and resulting output latency 7.3 ms... right above that.

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