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Is it possible to use a MIDI I/O with software & route M


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I have an MPC60II. It has four MIDI outs. I am going to buy a MIDI interface that allows me to patch any channel of any port anywhere so I can sequence a bunch of MIDI sound sources.


I want to be able to sequence the MIDI HW from Logic at the same time.


The scenario I want to create is using the MPC as a 'drummer' triggering drums on various modules. While I also record/sequence keyboard players in Logic linearly, start to finish.


This would create a very human way of interacting musically.

Just as if a guy was on the MPC acting as the drummer and others were playing live instruments.


The MPC can play/edit etc independently of the other musicians.

But in my scenario the live instrument players are MIDI recorded in Logic.


Sequencing everything in the same sequencer doesn't allow the drums to be played programmed independently.


The MPC guy could switch patterns while the linear logic sequence rolls along. Livish jamming.


So I want to know from anyone who has done it if I can use a MIDI interface like MOTU MTP AV or Edirol UM880 to record/play MIDI hardware with a software sequencer (I'm using Logic) while also routing MPC MIDI outs to various MIDI interface outs (MIDI patchbay). I'm also going to use channelisation to route an MPC MIDI out ports to more than one MIDI interface out port eg channels 1-8 of the MPCs MIDI out port A routed to sound module X and MIDI channels 9-16 routed to MIDI sound module Y on another port.


So the DAW/sequencer is using the MIDI interface and the MPC's MIDI outs are being routed in the same MIDI interface.


And when it's time to record the keyboard players MIDI in Logic the MPC is synced with MIDI beat clock.


Anyone done this or know if it's possible?


My Unitor 8 can't route MIDI ins and outs while Logic is communicating with it. Logic possesses it.


A bonus would be being able to trigger software instruments from the MPC.


Thanks for any assistance.


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My Unitor 8 can't route MIDI ins and outs while Logic is communicating with it. Logic possesses it.

Correct. Which means you need to set up the custom routing within Logic's environment, which is even more configurable than an MTP AV in many respects. You list a lot of needs in this post, so it's best to take this step by step. Is this primarily for live performance?

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