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Selecting multiple regions doesn't work as expected


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Selecting more than one audio file does weird things. Let's say you have two tracks (2 different mics) on one long take and you drag a small piece of audio from another section of the song on top of these long tracks. Now try and select all four items. The region boundaries completely disappear for the small region. Another example is when you select one region and then SHIFT+click to select another region, you don't get two highlighted regions as expected. Only the last one clicked gets highlighted. This is misleading because if you drag the regions, you will drag both of them.
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OK, so Logic doesn't handle overlapping regions well. Noted.


In my relatively humble ( :-) ) opinion, Logic handles this quite well.


Shift-clicking something in Logic or OS X means adding something to a selection, which is what Logic does. The moment you click on a region in Logic, it is topped, which is why you don't see the underlying region (some regions transparency would have been good).


This particular situation could of course be improved- but since you shift-clicked and not just clicked on the long region, OS X sort of assumes that you know that you now have selected both.


I'm used to Overlap mode, but if you follow David's suggestion, Logic will change it's overlap behavior which in many situations is a good solution, at least for audio regions. There are even a few of key commands that will help you out for projects that started out in Overlap mode. Look for 'Remove Overlaps' (and 'Replace With Overlapped Regions').


The main thing to be aware of is that if you deselect all (either with

⇧⌘A or by clicking in the arrange background), you always see what you hear, including overlapped regions.


There are also two key commands - Shift Control O and Shift Control N - which lets you toggle between the two overlap modes on the fly. (I don't know why this needs two KCs instead of one, toggling one, but that's a different story...).


Life would also be a little simpler if Logic would remember these settings (Overlap, Drag and Snap modes etc) between songs.

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If a region is temporarily "topped" the moment it becomes selected, then the user has to select the short region first. Otherwise we can't see the short region the moment we select the long region. What if we're zoomed in and don't notice that there's another short region on top later in the song? We wouldn't be able to find it by scrolling around.


If we're using SHIFT+click select a few regions here and there, it's helpful to see what we've have selected. An assumption made by Logic that the user will remember what is selected is not helpful. That's why I call it "not handling this well."


Thanks for the key commands. These look important and useful. By the way, is there a "Heal Separation" command like in Digital Performer? If Logic is going to force me to split my region inside a Take, I would like a method for repairing the split.



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There's no separate Heal Separation function, but Merge will re-combine two regions which have been separated - at least when they're not inside a Take folder.


I agree that ideally, there should always be some indication if a region is hidden under another - the only indication for that in Logic is that it says "2 selected" in the Inspector.


Based on what I've seen various people coming from other DAWs feel about how Logic deals with overlaps, I think using No Overlap mode all the time is the best solution for these users. But if you use the Pack Takes Folder command, Logic will create a gap in the long, overlying region so the underlying region will be seen. If you drag it into the folder, it will also be seen - since it will get it's own lane (the top one, under the Comp lane at the very top.




You can also control click on a region inside a Takes folder and either slice or trim it according to other existing regions in the folder. But none of tis helps, I guess, since your problem is that a region is placed under another region, which at least I can't - not even with regular (non-Take) folders.



In which situations do do you have are forced to split a region inside a take? I have tried to hard to create the unwanted situation where one region is covered by another inside a Take folder, with no 'success'.

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That's true, at least in non-Takes situations), but means that you may need to scroll in the Event List (or AudioBin) to check if more than one region is highlighted. Some transparency would help new users in particular, and a "Send To Background", often seen in desktop publishing apps, could also be useful.
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