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Real frumsamples?


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I do wonder about one thing...


Lets say i have found a great snare och kickdrum and i want to replace the drum in superior but i do not want to reprograme the drums...


Is there anyway i can for example take the sampled kickdrum and replace every hit on the programmed kick? I mean put the sampled sound on the kick or snare?


And if so, if there anyway to do this if i would like to mix the 2 sounds?

I know there is a way and it is in the manual but i do not really know what terms to look for and search for.


Regards from a really coooooold sweden!

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Hehehe.. I did misspell, i mean drumsamples....


Well, if i do have programmed a really great drumtrack with Superior and i do not like the drumsound or cant find a sound that i think fit the song... Is there a way to trigger a sampled kickdrum with the programmed drums?


Let´s say that the kick as usual is in C1 in the pianoroll and drummachine and i want to trigger a apple loop kickdrum or similar with the kickdrum on C1, trigger a nice sounding snare with the drummachinesnare and etc...


What i mean is that instead of do the work again, i want to use the trigger from the drummachine to trigger samples from appleloops or whatever...

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