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Can I use the word "n****r" in this context?

Dr Benway

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Hi guys.


I'm working on this opening track for my album and I have conflicting feelings about the first line, which uses the word "nigger" in a derogatory way.


I think that, in context, it fits the song's theme very well. It's a song about a girl who's been missing for years, and whose body is found in the ocean sometime later. One of the things I'm doing in this song is having multiple characters speaking about her and about the days before she disappeared. The question of whether she was racist or not comes up, and a couple of characters pitch in with their opinions.


Have a listen if you're interested, and please, if the word offends you in the context of the song, let me know. I wouldn't want to alienate listeners right off the bat.


Thanks for the help!


Dr Benway



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