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Trouble Cascading Two Firestudios

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I'm hoping someone can help me with this. I had been using a single Firestudio on my Mac Pro with Snow Leopard for some time without issue. I decided to add another Firestudio to my rig to get an additional 8 XLR inputs.


As per the manual, I first attached each Firestudio individually and checked for the latest firmware. Universal Controller said the firmware was the latest for both units. Curious, because one is a few years older than the one I added. I tried to daisy chain them together via firewire as per the manual.


The problem is that Logic does not seem to see signal coming from the 2nd Firestudio's inputs, although the Universal Controller does see the signal. The manual does say something about having to set up a mix in your DAW in the last paragraph of the section regarding cascading multiple devices, but I don't really understand how to do that.


Can anyone explain? The greater the detail, the better.


For what it's worth, both units work just fine when used individually.


Thanks in advance!

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I don't know anything about the Firestudios, but a general way to combine audio devices is to create an aggregate device in Audio MIDI setup (Applications/Utilities/Audio MIDI Setup).


This is how I use 2 Travelers:

1. Daisy Chain Travelers via FW 400.

2. Open Audio MIDI Setup.

3. Main menu>Window>Show Audio Window (if it isn't already showing).

4. Click on the + button in lower left corner.

5. Select both Travelers from list on right via checkboxes.

6. Name the Aggregate Device (in my case, 2XTravelers)

7. Open Logic and from Audio Prefs select 2XTravelers for my input and output device.


Presonus has been very helpful when I've called to ask them about other products, so you might try giving them a ring or an email if you need more info.

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I figured out what I was doing wrong. As it turns out, the two Firestudios cascaded properly all along. Last night it dawned on me that the Firestudio has 26 possible inputs. So I plugged a mic into input 1 on the 2nd Firestudio, then set a channel in Logic to input 27 and it worked! So basically, the 2nd Firestudio's front 8 inputs are assigned to inputs 27-34 in Logic.
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