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Ultra Beat Load samples [SOLVED]


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hey everyone.....1st of all apologies if this is a repost.


Question: With ULTRABEAT Logic 9


When I use the Drag & Drop template. The 1st lot of samples to show are the Ultrabeat samples.

If I then go to my own sample library and choose a kick for example. The next time I go to load another sample it takes me straight back to Kick folder. This is fine as I can navigate my way around through my sample folders.

But how can I get back into the UltraBeat samples folder?

I cant seem to find it anywhere lol.

If I open a new track then new UltraBeat etc yes it goes straight to its own samples. But I would like to add a mixture of Ultrabeat and my own samples in 1 pattern.

Hope this makes sense.


Thanks in advance :)

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Awesome thanks mate!


I had to go to:


System Drive>Library> Application Support> Logic> ULTRABEAT SAMPLES


On mine, Plug in settings gave me a list of stuff I could not open.


Thanks heaps!

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