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Why does Logic keep changing Movie Start Time?


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MAN this is annoying.


I'm trying to score a film in logic 9.1.3 and I'm running individual projects for individual cues (which I think is pretty standard). But no matter how I set the time code start (either in the tempo list or the sync song settings) logic will randomly change the movie start time!!


For example, I'm scoring a cue in reel 2, and I'm trying to figure out my tempo, in out points for this cue. First off I start by opening the movie and in the video settings set the movie start time to I then hop over to sync settings and make sure my time code is good, and make bar one roughly somewhere near the start of the cue I want to score.


Now, as I start to experiment with different tempos and different start points using the tempo list editor, somewhere in this process Logic will randomly change the movie start time from to something else!!


Anyone know why this happens? Is there anyway to lock a movie start time to a particular time code?


On a somewhat related note, is there anyway to import audio from movie as .wav with timecode? Now I must admit I'm use to DP, but when you import audio from the movie into DP, its time stamped, so if you change the start time of your cue, you simply tell the audio to start at the original time stamp and your dialog is in sync. In logic, it seems the dialog is always starting at bar 1, regardless of its time code, and does not appear to have any time stamp.


so, how do fellow film score guys get around these issues?




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On a somewhat related note, is there anyway to import audio from movie as .wav with timecode?


Hi Jon, it would be better if you could ask that new question in a new thread. It not only makes for a better forum organization, and easier searchability later on, but you'd also improve your chances of getting an answer if you have that single question in its own thread with its own related title etc.



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I may know what's going on. Questions...


1) Keep the video project settings window open and switch the movie between the Inspector and the full QT window. Does the start time change?


2) Do you have a tempo event at 1 1 1 1?


3) Have you tried to do any beat mapping prior to setting the movie start time?


4) By any chance is your time signature set to 1/4 at the top of the song?

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This has been a bug in Logic for as long as I can remember. Basically, every time one changes tempo or "bar position ____ plays at SMPTE time _____" values, the movie start time changes and you have to go back and reset it to the correct value. I probably reset that value hundreds of times during the process of scoring a feature length film.


If anyone has a suggestion of how to lock the movie start time in Logic, I'd love to hear it. Ideally, I'd set it once, when I create my master template for the film and then never have to touch it again, unless I get a new cut.

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The movie start time will move by itself under certain conditions (all bugs except for #4 below):


1) if the movie start time is set to 00:00:00:00, switching the movie view between the small window embedded in the arrange window to the large, separate movie player window. But in general, the movie start time should never be set to 00:00:00:00 in Logic without introducing various buggy behaviors.


2) if you don't have a tempo event at 1 1 1 1


3) if you perform changes to the start time of the tempo even in the Synchronization pane (best to make changes right in the tempo window)


4) moving the thumbnail movie in the Global video track. And while it makes sense that it would change the movie start time, it's something that should never be done.


There might be other things that affect the movie start time too, but I'll need to get some more caffeine in my veins to remember them.

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