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cannot locate "com.apple.logic.pro.cs" Korg nanoKo


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Just bought the Korg nanoKontrol. downloaded everything needed from Korgs website to get it working. When I go to paste the com.apple.logic.pro.cs file in my users/user name/library/preferences I have no file to replace. It says that the file is suppose to overwrite the existing file. I am using LE9 so I wander if this is why I show no such file to replace. the Instructions on the korg page say this if for LE and Logic Pro. Any help appreciated.


Here are the instructions I found to help with installation



1 - Install this from http://www.korguksupport.co.uk/page.cfm?pageID=342&fileID=810 (korg kontrol editor software)

2 - Copy "Apple_Logic_Pro_8_Template_633686651936670000" (get it fromhttp://www.korg.com/uploads/Download/Apple_Logic_Pro_8_Template_633686651936670000.zip) 

to a new folder ( make a new folder, name it yourself)

3 - Extract all files from Apple_Logic_Pro_8_Template_633686651936670000 in the folder created (from step 2)

4 - Double Click (to run) the "nanoKONTROL Template Scene Set.nktrl_set" , it will open the korg kontrol editor software with the Logic settings...

5 - In the Korg Kontrol editor (you have the apple in the left, then File, Edit, Communication and Help) open the Communication menu and execute Write

Scene Set - cmd&T and execute also Write Scene data - shift cmd&T (your Korg Nano Kontrol will receive the logic midi implementaion)

6 - Copy this "com.apple.logic.pro.cs" (step 3) to "User/ User name / Library/ Preferences" (This process over writes the file!)

It is very important where you copy "com.apple.logic.pro.cs" (from step 3) because the file may be in different locations... My advice is to overwrite al the 

files named as "com.apple.logic.pro.cs" (This process over writes the original Logic file- the one without Korg Nano Kontrol). Make sure you over write all

"com.apple.logic.pro.cs" files from your mac with the one from step 3 !!!! ("com.apple.logic.pro.cs" from "Apple_Logic_Pro_8_Template_633686651936670000")

7 - Start Logic and open the following menu: Logic Pro -> Preferences -> control surfaces -> controller assignments... -when there is "nanoKONTROL" file in 
this folder, it is successfully loaded. (if you don't see "nanoKONTROL" go back to step 6 !!!)

It is not necessary to backup the original Logic "com.apple.logic.pro.cs" !

If u have any others controlers (midi-usb keys, usb pads etc) you have to tell Logic to "learn" after the Nano Kontrol is installed and working OK)

8 - Make sure after step 7 from Logic Pro -> Preferences -> control surfaces -> controller assignments... to set up all MIDI Inputs (right corner) to 



Make sure: 
go into editor and under scene 1 enable midi channel 1, the other three just leave as "scene" 

Scene 1 is the first left square just above the word "KORG" .. There are two to the left and squares above each of the sliders... "---" 

This is the real solution: 
1. go into preferences (Logic) 
2. control surfaces 
3. at the bottom "Controller Assignments..." 
4. Expert View 
5. Click on every Control (Scene 1 Goup-7 Knob etc.) and enable #6(below) 
6. to the right under "Input Message" Midi Input: then select nanoKONTROL SLIDER/KNOB 
before I changed that ... it had selected my m-audio firewire 410 

7. voila.. it worked for me..

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