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Varispeed Guitar Trainer


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Who wants another gadget or software program taking up space for the sole purpose of slowing down guitar riffs in order to steal, eh, study them? I sure don't! Thankfully, Logic's "Varispeed" can do it:

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Add "Varispeed" to your toolbar.

Yep… that's it. Well, you might want to read up on how to use "Varispeed" (it's orange) and maybe look into "Markers" so you can save different parts and loop them. I've posted a couple of screen shots to show you how I set it up. All the links I've posted here will take you straight to the relevant information in Apple's official web-based Logic User Manual.


Disclaimer: I knew about "Varispeed" but I never thought to use it this way. I did a quick forum search and nothing similar popped up, but apologies in advance if someone else has already covered this or if it's common knowledge. It was new to me :oops:



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