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How to avoid the click on a by passed effect?


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I am not 100% sure what you mean but I am guessing you don't hear the click because of the echo effect, is that correct?


Also you say it's on overlapped notes, is this audio regions that are overlapped or is it notes inside a midi region?


I know from chopping up audio regions you can get clicks where you have cut it down so I use fades to help that, also two overlapping audio regions can also cause clicks sometimes and doing a cross-fade between them can help with that, with the pointer tool hold shift-ctrl and drag across the boundary of the two audio regions, when you release you have a cross fade.


Hope this helps, if I am completely off what you mean let us know! :D

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Thank you very much for replying luke :)


I hear the click even w/ the echo effect.


Actually i speak about overlapped notes in a midi region.


Ok so you advise to create cross fades: does it work a cross fade inside a midi region? Between those overlapped notes?


Also i tried to: hold shift-ctrl and drag, nothing happens except my horizontal lift moves quicker...?!


Thanks for your feedback

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The click occurs at the instant when you bypass the delay? Then it's caused by the bypass button, so avoid using the bypass button. Maybe if you need to automate the delay in and out, automate the send on the channel strip, or automate the "wet" slider in the delay plug-in, etc....


I don't think overlapped notes have anything to do with this topic? :?

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