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Rewire/External Midi/Disabling Hardware Contoller Problem :)


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Hey, i was wondering if some one could help me figure out a problem I have been trying to solve for nearly a whole day...


Basically in its simplest form (as I have a very complex autoload), I have re-wired logic to reason so that I have 'External Midi' track sending information to instruments in reason, for example to Thor. Then I also have an audio track with inputs from reasons outputs 1-2 that for this example the thor is directly connected to in Reason.


Then I have to record the midi and any automation parameters onto the audio channel, and mess around in the events tab in logic so that the midi CC messages are changed from the ones recorded from my akai mpk 49 to the corresponing automation paramenter CC message in reason via looking it up in the midi implemenation chart. Then once corrected, dragging the region onto the external midi track so that on playback everything works and doesnt automate any parameters that i do not want.


HOWEVER like the idiot i am, sometimes i forgot to go return to an audio track before twiddling the knobs on my MPK which inturn sends CC messages to reason (even when not in playback) altering parameters of the "thor" that are by default set to the those CC messages and not allowing me to get them back to how they were obviousbly.


SO the only way i could think of getting around this would be to somehow stop the MPK working at all (even notes) on the certain External midi tracks in question but after hours of fruitless searching and reading I cannot find out how to do it, if it is possible. pease help me :)


Thanks Sam. ps im not scared of venturing into the environments window if needs be :P

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