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Verticle Scrolling to Specific Tracks

the sinner

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My template reaches 400 tracks now and I was hoping for a way with the strike of a key to scroll to each section of my template. I don't wish to have locked window screensets and zoom must be applied at the playhead.


Say Track 40; Track 127; etc... regardless of zoom values.


Can anyone think of such a way to do this?


I have quickeys also.



Great thanks as always. Perhaps this will help more then just me.

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400 track template!! Now that's what I call keeping your options open. :)


Jumping to a specific track would be a cool feature but I don't think you can do that in Logic, except by indirect means......


One way: Folders - put each section in a folder and the contents of the folder becomes your whole arrange window. This will also be reflected in your mixer. Downside - you can't view regions from different folders in the same piano roll window.


Another way: Groups. Put each section in specific groups. You would need to open the Group settings window to hide and unhide each group but this is a viable way of keeping your arrange page (and your mixer) uncluttered. Another feature of Groups is the ability, like with folders, to mute a whole section at once.


Groups window key commands:


Open Group Settings

Toggle Groups Window

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