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Macbook Pro - 2.4 vs. 2.66 and 4GB vs 8GB

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Hi everybody!

I'm using Logic and Mainstage with 8GB of RAM and 3Ghz dual processor and looking for information on how downgrades would impact me.


The Macbook Pro I'm using is the family computer for pics and video. Long story short, I'm not to keen on taking it out for gigs due to its size and for it's own safety.


I've been looking at the 13.5" and am wondering how the processing of 2.66 and the extra RAM of 8GB (vs 4) would effect me. Everything is running great now. With Logic and Mainstage as my main rig would I be ok with 4GB?


Normally I'm OK with getting the max specs but it is a big jump in $.


Thanks for your opinions!


Adding a few more bits of info. During performance, use MOTU Ultralite MK3. Max channels in = 4 with 1 more channel for plugin synth.

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