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Shadow Hills Equinox - Logic 9 mono problem


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I'm setting up my Lynx Aurora 16 to route 3-8 as stereo busses out to the Equinox. 9-16 I want to send to the Equinox channels 25-32. I'm sending them there because they are mono channels and want to be able to insert a mono compressor or eq on things like vocals, kick, snare.


I'm doing it this way for a couple of reasons.


1. Audio leaves the converter once before eventually going back in.

2. I don't have to waste a stereo comp on a mono source.

3. I simply don't have enough in/outs to insert the hardware using the i/o plugin. They are all routing audio into the Equinox. Plus, I'm trying to keep the amount of times a source goes through AD/ DA


All is fine..... I run my vocal out of Lynx into 1176 mono and then run 1176 into Equinox. Perfect!!!! But I lose my panning control. I can't move the Vocal left or right. It's straight up the middle.


What is a good work around for this situation? Any solutions?

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No, I'm not using the i/o plug in.


I'm going out of lynx 1-16 and into my Shadow Hills Equinox summing mixer. If I want to insert any hardware I'm doing it through a patchbay on it's way to the equinox. Everything is great until I want to do that to a mono signal.


The Shadowhills inputs 3-24 are stereo inputs and 25-32 are mono. So let's say I have a mono vocal with it's output set to "Output 9" in logic and that is routed to channel 25 on the Equinox. Working great, I can even insert a mono Compresser and mono eq on it's way to the Equinox but I can't pan the channel. Let's say I want to just offset the vocal "-3" I can't. As soon as I pick output 9 in Logic the channel strip loses the pan knob completely.


Not sure how to do this the right way.


FYI- Shadow Hills summing mixer does not have panning controls, I input everything via LOGIC and my converter.

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FYI- Shadow Hills summing mixer does not have panning controls


Then you'll need to mix stems in Logic (a stem being usually a submix of a group of instruments, for example all vocals and backup vocals, or all guitars, etc..), and route a stereo stem to two inputs on the summing mixer.


The reason I suggest stems is that otherwise you'll need two channels on the summing mixer for any mono signal you want panned somewhere other than center.

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I kind of figured that, after trying everything last night. Thanks for letting me know. I needed to hear that it's not possible from a logic pro before I was going to let it go myself. I guess it makes sense though.

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