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EXS Mod wheel assignments not sticking [SOLVED]

camillo jr

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I'm doing some reprogramming of a few EXS orchestral instruments to make them more expressive via the mod wheel. This is all front panel stuff, no messing with the instrument editor. For reasons I can't figure out, some of the EXSs refuse to respond to the mod wheel. I map Relative Volume to Control 1, spin the wheel and nothing happens on instruments like Cellos Legato or Bassoon Solo, while it works fine with identical settings on Full Brass and Clarinet solo. I thought the deal breaker might be instruments with velocity switched samples but Full Brass has that and it works fine. And in a similar vein any assignments of Filter Cutoff to Mod wheel that I make on these instruments is also ignored.


How can I make the mod wheel control work on the other instruments?

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Hi Camillo!


Couple of things regarding the filter:


• Always be sure to turn the filter switch on (it's usually set to the default of "off")

• Turn drive down to zero (otherwise you'll get crunchy bassoons)

• Set the Cutoff to the position that gives you the dullest sound you'd ever want to hear

• Assign Cntrl #1 as the source, Filter Cutoff as the destination, and turn up the depth control to an amount that brings up the brightness to where you want it to be when you move the modwheel up full

• Set the filter response to 6dB if you find that the (default) of 12dB is too steep)


I'll check out the volume situation if I have time later.





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Yes! I got it all to work. Thanks for the finer points on the filter ski.


It seems like the EXS seizes up sometimes if I've been mucking around with it for a while and trying out many things. I finally just re-instantiated the plug and then it would accept all my assignments.


This expression stuff is working nicely on many of the EXS orch instruments, especially when combined with crossfading samples. Finally, these things can breath! Much better than having to draw in expression after the fact.


One thing I noticed right away is that the automation that gets played in is generally much more extreme than what I was doing by mouse.

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