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Channel strip settings, multiple sessions


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Currently for mixes of bands I record I will start with one song and dial everything in, then save each channels settings. For the other songs I just load up each channel strip setting.


Is there a way to have the channel strip settings also save fader, pan and send levels? So far I have to still set all my gain staging for each song. As well as setting up the busses and aux channels.


Is there a different better way to do this? If it's in you Logic book David and you just want reference a section I can just read it there.


Thanks all!



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You could save your finalized song as a template (after getting rid of all audio files in the Bin) and import the audio for your other songs into that template.


Or you could use Track Import to import your entire track (channel strip setting, pan, volume, automation etc... from the finalized song into your other songs.

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