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Tascam FW-1082 JogWheel settings, and how to reset them?


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Hello all, and thank you for being a great community that's helped answer so many questions I've had!

This one seems a bit tricky, so here come's my first post.


I use a Tascam FW-1082 as a control surface only, because there was an accident and it has a freak issue with the I/O part. Until recently (last night) I was working with default settings, only using the most basic features that were mapped automatically. Lately I've been focusing highly on workflow and efficiency, as I just started to get some real clients who actually pay me little bits of money and last night I went ahead and for the first time ever started tweaking the Controller Assignments. Breeze, until I decided to tweak around the Jog Wheel settings to try to change it's speed (I wish it was slower/would snap to bars better). Okay....


I did something, and I think I brought it back, but the wheel is just not doing anything, and I cant seem to figure out what happened.


Here's a list of settings and what they are set to. Please help. I'm very new to this beautiful world of customizing controllers and sadly can't do this one on my own...


Controller Assignment Parameter


Control Name: Data Wheel

Label : Playhead

Flip Group: :None

Exclusive *Unchecked*



Input Message


MIDI Input : Tascam FW-1082 Control Port

Value Change: BF 60 Lo7(I think it went ape on me in regards to whatever this is)

(Control Change Ch 16, 96, Lo7) ???

Touch/Release *disabled for this control*




Min/Max : 0-127

Format : 2's Compliment

Multiply : 0,00

Mode : Direct

Feedback : None



Update - With these settings, say the playhead is at possition , I move the wheel, and it jumps to and then just stays there.


Thanks to anyone baring with me. Good day to all!

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